In line with the HPSS approach to gender equity and inclusion, the HPSS project has practical measures in place to ensure that mothers are not excluded from professional activities and opportunities. HPSS pays an allowance to cover the cost for baby-sitters to enable lactating staff (HPSS and district counterparties) to take their infants with them when they are involved in project activities away from their home. This supports positive infant care when staff as mothers are required attend important meetings and provides them with equal opportunities to attend trainings.

To address the gap in locally contextualized materials, a training package was developed to support the strengthening of cross-cutting issues. This comprises Powerpoint presentations, a game to raise awareness of gender concepts, hand outs – including one on gender and vulnerability to HIV and a mainstreaming guide. This was used for the training of trainers and in turn by the TOTs to roll-out mainstreaming to the community-level.

Over 200 villages have now benefited from this training package and have developed action plans that will be included in and funded by their Comprehensive Council Health Plans.

HPSS Recognized for Inclusive-Decision Making
On Gender Day, 12 September 2013, HPSS was recognized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation for its innovation in socially inclusive and gender-mainstreamed approaches to development work.

The prize recognizes best practices in mainstreaming gender and innovation that is sustainable and replicable.