Events and presentations

Events and Presentations - Health Financing


  • HPSS presented a poster detailing the re-organized CHFs at the Geneva Health Forum 2012
  • A Tanzanian Master student at the University of Heidelberg completed a study on incentivising maternal care through CHF. This research was embedded in the HPSS project to prepare options for further CHF improvements. The work was supported by MIA consultants.
  • In February and March 2012, CHF officers in each district compiled a list of the top ten diseases and health financing details for CHF members. The data supported an in-depth analysis of funding sources and helped create a baseline for financial indicators.
  • In June 2014, a study was conducted on the administrative costs of the reformed CHF approach
  • Poor people and the CHF iliyoboreshwa November, 2015 , by Naphca Josephat
  • Poster presentation, Transforming CHF into a strong health insurance, the case of Dodoma region: Presented on 17th March 2016 at Swiss NGO day organised by SDC