Financial management

Financial Management


In 2010, the HPSS health financing situation analysis identified financial management as one area where the Local Government Authorities, could improve the overall financing situation. Specifically, the challenge was to improve the management of complementary health financing sources, i.e Community Health Funds (CHF), the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), and user fees. Analysis revealed that these funds tend to be left underutilized by the districts, while at the same time drug shortages occur where the funds would be needed for purchasing complementary medicines and medical supplies. The health facility survey (under Phase 1) conducted June - December 2011 in all 244 governmental health facilities of Dodoma Region supported this analysis. Health facility survey in Morogoro and Shinyanga region carried out in 2015 also presented a similar picture.

The HPSS therefore has undertaken an in-depth analysis of the development of the various funding sources for health financing in the districts of Dodoma region. HPSS project established baseline information on public financial management for health finances in all districts and published the fund flow analysis.

HPSS Project has also tackled the challenge of providing CHFs with an account for their operations. Collaboration with government authorities and accounting experts has led to development of a feasible accounting solution that fully integrates CHFs into the governmental Epicor 9 accounting system. HPSS project is closely monitoring the development of this solution and supporting the districts in its implementation.