CHF fund management - District level

CHF Management - LGA Level


In 2014 HPSS Project in collaboration with PO-RALG developed a simplified CHF Financial Management and Operations Guidelines to facilitate CHF management in LGAs implementing CHF iliyoboreshwa. The guidelines meant to improve financial accountability in utilizing finances available for healthcare provision from CHF scheme. The guideline is aligned with the Public Finance Act, Local Authority Finance Act and Public Procurement Act, and other Public financial regulations. It takes into account the policy and procedural instructions introduced by the central government, the council and other legislative authorities.

These guidelines were developed in responding to results from the assessment conducted regarding the CHF management practise in LGAs. The assessment indicated that LGAs had no standardized means to manage CHFs.

The guideline summarizes the CHF Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, financial control and accounting procedures applicable to Community Health Funds available for financing health services. the issuance of this guideline is expected that local government authorities will adhere to sound financial management practices so that accountability, efficiency, value for money and improved service delivery is achieved.

Key Issues on the Guidelines

The manual guides CHF operation and financial management practices, the focus includes:

  • CHF Policy Framework
  • CHF Management Structure
  • Roles and Responsibility of Key CHF actors
  • Health Service Provision and claiming procedure
  • Bank accounts policy
  • CHF allocations and fund utilization procedure
  • Fund reimbursement system


After endorsement and application of these guideline, it has resulted into:

  • Improved and standardized CHFs management practice in LGAs implementing CHF Iliyoboreshwa
  • Improved CHF financial accountability resulting to increased financial resources available for healthcare
  • Transparency in managing CHF scheme has improved substantially


It is expected that the continual compliance to these guidelines will eventually lead into substantial increase of resource for financing health service hence universal health coverage in regions implementing CHF Iliyoboreshwa in particular and in the country at large.  


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