Community health needs

Community Health Needs


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PRA activities conducted during the situation analysis at the outset of the project provided a snapshot of community health concerns. Participating communities in Kongwa, Kondoa and Bahi districts revealed a broad spectrum of health concerns that they considered to be most urgently in need of attention at the community level, both in terms of information and action. These ranged from the lack of suitable modes of transport to health services, particularly for pregnant women, to skin and eye infections, malaria and diarrhoeal disease. As the latter shared personal and environmental hygiene as a common determinant, the project has concentrated technical support to community water and sanitation projects.


The situation analysis identified a strong willingness and need for communities, and especially women, to become more informed and active in responding to local health concerns. To achieve this in a sustainable manner that can be replicated and scaled-up by the government, the HPSS project focuses on capacity building for existing structures in health promotion and participatory techniques. The complexity of health-related structures at the local level make this a challenging task, however, we believe developing existing skills in health promotion will have the most sustainable impact.

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To accomplish this, HPSS is encouraging a shift away from the “top-down” and “expert-led” health education approach in favour of participatory, community action for health. The goal is to mobilize communities to take responsibility and action for health by expanding and strengthening of grass-roots level organisations and networks that are engaged in health promotion. This implies a two-way partnership between communities and health service providers. HPSS is therefore working to strengthen linkages between communities, CBOs and community health structures.