Medicine Management

Medicine management

Access to medicines


Access to essential medicines is part of the right to the highest attainable standard of health. But in Dodoma, essential medicines are often beyond the reach of most households.

To alleviate this situation, we are working to improve medicine management, and this means addressing the supply chain as well as the use of medicines. Lack of access to medicines is a problem, but access is of little advantage if the medicines are not used correctly.

Although the emphasis of the HPSS project focuses on the aspects of health promotion and health financing, “health system strengthening” is not complete without strengthening the management and use of essential medicines. The project’s efforts to make additional financial resources available through community heath funds and to encourage health promotion activities in the community may not be successful if the quality of health services offered is perceived to be poor.

Improving the flow of funds to health facilities does not directly translate into proportional improvements in the services provided. The quality of these health services crucially depends on the availability and use of essential medicines and supplies.

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A situation analysis and health facility survey revealed complex and systemic weaknesses of the whole supply chain at all levels including aspects of financing, human resources, health information, governance, supply and record keeping skills, bureaucratic procedures and service delivery as well as issues with Medical Stores Department (MSD) leading to significant stock-outs of medicines at facility level.

Improving supply of medicines at health facility level is considered imperative as enrolment into the newly structured CHF system will depend on enhanced quality of service delivery, often equated by the community with availability of medicines.

The regional HPSS project can only influence certain aspects of this system to strengthen medicine management and enable better availability of medicines. Through partnerships, we seek to build on the strengths that exist and bolster weak areas through training programs and coaching, new management and supply chain design concepts and awareness building.