Who we are

Health Promotion and System Strengthening Project

The Health Promotion and System Strengthening project strives to improve quality and utilization of health services in the Dodoma region. At the same time, we are cultivating an effective, well-governed, accessible health care system that can be scaled up to a national level. The goal of the project is to improve the health status and well being of Tanzanians, focusing on those most at risk, and to support health systems in becoming more responsive to health needs for all population groups. It’s our objective to improve quality, access to, and utilization of health resources and services, and to see these services delivered by an effective and well-governed health system.


Our approach combines health promotion and integrated system strengthening at district and regional levels. To strengthen health systems, we are redesigning health financing and providing support for management of finances, medicines, equipment and infrastructure. We are attentive to issues that cut across the boundaries of these realms, too: gender, HIV/AIDS and social inclusion are core values in this project and are mainstreamed in all our activities. Undergirding all of this is our commitment to operational research to optimize strategies for sustainable, effective health systems.

The Health Systems and Economics Unit of the Swiss TPH heads the HPSS project, integrating the skills and expertise of all four units of the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH), and with support from the Epidemiology and Public Health Department. Strategic partnerships with the Micro-Insurance Academy (Bonn/Delhi) and the Ifakara Health Institute (Dar es Salaam) further strengthen the project team.

The HPSS project is mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).