Project organisation

Project Organisation


The HPSS project structure comprises the Headquarters of Swiss TPH in Switzerland with its international experts, and the Project Office in Dodoma. Project Leader Manfred Stoermer manages the HPSS project.  Team Leader Prof. Meshack manages the project office in Tanzania.

In order to foster the development of practical approaches and solutions and agree on the implementation of work-plans, project personnel are organized according to specific project working areas, i.e. Health Promotion, Health Financing, Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Management, and Operational Research, M&E, Cross-cutting Issues and Training.

International experts at the Swiss TPH are responsible for these working areas and collaborate closely with the project personnel in Dodoma, Morogoro and Shinyanga offices.


Prof. Meshack, a Tanzanian policy advisor, supports the development of new organisational structures for the project and facilitates communication between the HPSS project and policy and decision makers at various levels.

This team of experts is complemented by additional experts in each working area, both international and Tanzanian.


Additional Tanzanian expertise may be sought for operational research, consultancy advice, or training. Tanzanian institutions such as St. John’s University, Dodoma, The University of Dodoma, the Zonal Training Centre Dodoma, and others, are excellent resources of Tanzanian expertise from which the HPSS project can benefit.